Essential Oils and More

Hi, it’s Darla of BD Ranch. I want to talk about something I am very fond of – essential oils.

I am a huge fan of essential oils. Since I began using them in 2014, they have really made a difference in the way I help my family.

I’ve had many successes in choosing essential oils to support my own health and the health of my loved ones. I highly recommend learning about what essential oils can do for you. There are tons of resources online, but I am happy to help you, too. One of my favorite things to do is discuss essential oils and their many, many uses with people. I’ve done a lot of reading, research, and trying them out for myself. If I don’t know an answer, I will pour over my research materials until I do. It’s a great learning experience for me when I am stumped by a question!

I’ve found that it is also fun to use essential oils along with some other wonderful ingredients to make things like lip balm, lotion bars, salves, linen sprays, bug repellents, sugar scrubs, and more. Please email me if you are interested in learning about purchasing some or making your own.

Many Blessings,

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