About BD Ranch

Ours is a family-owned ranch in Wilton, California, which was established by Brian & Darla Fishback in 2008. Officially, we began our journey with honey bees in 2009 as we became BD Ranch. Brian jumped right into catching bee swarms as well as buying bees from the local beekeeping supply store. He definitely has a passion for the honey bees – taking care of, learning about, and teaching others about wonderful, beautiful, fascinating honey bees!

Our Contact Info:
Brian Fishback, bdranchbrian@gmail.com
Darla Fishback, bdranchdarla@gmail.com

One thought on “About BD Ranch

  1. Thank you for visiting our site! We do not sell bee pollen. Check with Sacramento Beekeeping Supply (www.sacramentobeekeeping.com, 916-451-2337). They either sell it or can get you in contact with a seller if they know someone who sells pollen.

    Have a blessed day!
    ~ Darla at BD Ranch


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