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  1. Thank you very much for purchasing our honey, which is raw, local honey from the comb made by honeybees. I assure you there is no molasses in the honey. Because we are a small operation, we harvest numerous times of year from different apiaries; the honey from the different sites are blended together. The color and flavor of honey comes from whatever flowers the bees are foraging. We have experienced early spring honey being lighter in color than other harvest throughout the year; and this year we had a harvest of a darker color and berry-like flavor. That seems to be a favorite flavor to most people and a break from the typical wildflower honey color and flavor.


  2. Hello there. I bought a queen and 5 attendants from Brian on April 7, 2014. She was 2 weeks old and had done her mating flight and was ready to lay eggs. My hive had lost their queen recently with no way to create any new queens from any existing brood. So I installed the new queen in my hive on April 8th. She is such an awesome and strong queen. Immediately she started laying eggs after the hive workers chewed her out of her queen box and she’s been going strong since. First year I had her even though the hive was still pretty strong it took until mid-February of 2016 (getting through two Winters) before all was in good order for that one hive to split. About February 23rd I saw that it looked my girls were getting ready to swarm early so I set up a good drawn comb box and coated all frames with sugar water and vanilla mix and put a brood building pollen patty in on top. A few days. After setting up that second box my queen from Brian swarmed into my neighbors trees and then swarmed down into my new box. About 1.5 weeks ago, a new hatch came out of old hive. About a week later a new hatch came out of my new hive from my queen I got from Brian. Today I checked in both hives to see status and add what they might need. Holy crap on a cracker. I have two very strong hives from that queen. So very amazed and jazzed about this. Thank you Brian for answering all my questions and for providing me with an incredible queen.

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